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The con­tent of this web­site has been com­pi­led with the grea­test care. Howe­ver, pro­fa­shio­nals can­not accept any lia­bi­li­ty for the accu­ra­cy, com­ple­ten­ess and up-to-daten­ess of the con­tent. pro­fa­shio­nals also accepts no lia­bi­li­ty for the con­tent of exter­nal links. The ope­ra­tors of the lin­ked pages are sole­ly respon­si­ble for their con­tent. At the time of lin­king, the lin­ked pages were careful­ly che­cked for com­pli­ance with the pro­vi­si­ons on the pro­tec­tion of minors and for any inf­rin­ge­ments of the law. Ille­gal con­tent or con­tent harmful to minors on the lin­ked pages was not appa­rent at the time of lin­king. Howe­ver, pro­fa­shio­nals has no influence on the con­tent of the lin­ked exter­nal pages. It is also not pos­si­ble for pro­fa­shio­nals to con­ti­nuous­ly moni­tor the con­tent of the lin­ked exter­nal pages and it is not reasonable to do so wit­hout con­cre­te indi­ca­ti­ons of a legal vio­la­ti­on. As soon as legal vio­la­ti­ons on the lin­ked exter­nal pages beco­me known, such links will be remo­ved imme­dia­te­ly.


In the case of comm­ents that attract atten­ti­on with the aim of com­mer­cial SEO opti­mi­sa­ti­on, the link will be remo­ved. If neces­sa­ry, a com­ment can also be dele­ted com­ple­te­ly. In prin­ci­ple, the lin­k­love remains for all com­ment­ers and espe­ci­al­ly blogs. The­re is not­hing to be said against sen­si­ble comm­ents that inci­den­tal­ly increase link popu­la­ri­ty.

Plea­se remain fri­end­ly and objec­ti­ve in the dis­cus­sions. Per­so­nal attacks are to be refrai­ned from. Respect the opi­ni­ons of others. Address others as you would like to be addres­sed. Igno­re pro­vo­ca­ti­ons. Racist, por­no­gra­phic, inhu­man, defa­ma­to­ry and insul­ting comm­ents will be dele­ted. Plea­se do not publish tele­pho­ne num­bers and addres­ses of third par­ties wit­hout their con­sent.

The neti­quet­te will be exten­ded as neces­sa­ry. Vio­la­ti­ons of this neti­quet­te will be hand­led fle­xi­bly. Cor­re­spon­ding con­tri­bu­ti­ons may be dele­ted in who­le or in part. If neces­sa­ry, a note will be issued by the mode­ra­tor.


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