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    Profashionalsjobs is an innovative job platform for fashion and lifestyle industries: Fashion, Shoes, Accessories, Sports, Beauty and Living. The job platform is hosted by profashionals. profashionals was founded in 2010 and is a well-known B2B blog for lifestyle business topics.

    1. profashionals has been around for ten years and is well established as a medium. The job market was established in 2021. Here we are a start-up, and the more employers join in, the better for everyone.

    2. As a highly specialised B2B medium, profashionals will never have the traffic of Stepstone, Monster or Indeed. Mass is not the criterion for us. Profashionals reaches an informed and interested readership. Which also overlaps in parts with the network of SUITS. Executive Search.

    3. The prices for Top Jobs are more favourable than a job advertisement in other trade media and even more so in global job markets.

    4. Top Jobs are posted for 8 instead of 4 weeks, the chance that they will be seen is particularly high. Unlike the other trade media, we focus fully on job advertisements, the attention on the homepage and in the newsletter is therefore completely different.

    5. The annual flat rate as part of the membership is a very good deal. One or two placements and the investment has paid for itself.

    6. The job market is one thing. The other function of profashionals is employer branding. The partners who have booked the Top Employer portrait feel comfortable in the attractive environment of profashionals.


    Behind profashionalsjobs is SUITS., one of the top addresses for executive search for fashion and lifestyle industries. The platform uniquely combines the possibilities of a wide-ranging medium with the competence of an exexcutive search consultancy.

    profashionalsjobs offers access to qualified professionals in all relevant functions. Profashionals has a focus on the fashion and footwear industry, but also has many readers from the sports industry as well as beauty and living. The typical profashionals reader is ambitious, interested and well informed.

    profashionalsjobs aggregates the job posts of companies and makes these jobs searchable for candidates on one single platform. profashionalsjobs does not hoard any data, but links directly to the career pages of the affiliated partners.

    You can post jobs on profashionalsjobs. You can promote jobs in profashionals' editorial environment and newsletter. And you can book a direct approach for individual positions. All from one booking system. This makes profashionalsjobs the ultimate one-stop recruiting platform.

    You can find the current prices under FIND EMPLOYEES.

    You can enter the job data by link, by pdf or also manually via a template. We recommend connecting your career site digitally via an XML interface, then there is no data entry effort for you and the job offers are always up-to-date.

    The automatic transfer of your job posts only works if you use a standard software for your career pages. Instruct your IT provider to build an XML interface. This is an effort of a few hours. We support you with detailed instructions.

    You can advertise jobs in an eye-catching way beyond the job posting. You can - what no other job market offers - book a direct approach by qualified recruiters via SUITS. Last but not least, you can present yourself to the industry as an employer on profashionalsjobs and strengthen your employer brand.

For Employees

    On profashionalsjobs you find job offers from companies in the fields of fashion, shoes, accessories, sports, beauty and living. All functions are represented. The focus is on qualified top specialists and middle management positions.

    The companies posting the jobs are responsible for ensuring that the job offers are up to date. As far as our partners have digitally linked their career pages, the offers are usually up-to-date. Otherwise, job advertisements are displayed on profashionalsjobs for a maximum of two months.

    In the search field, various filter options are available to search specifically for your dream job. Enter your desired profession or qualification in the "Function" field. Use the "Location" filter to search for the desired place of employment, and use the "Company" field to search for job offers from a specific top company. If you are interested in a management position, select the corresponding filter under "Level".

    Yes. Save your search under "Job Alert" and receive a mail when corresponding job offers come in.

    Profashionalsjobs links to the career pages of the companies. You apply directly to the employer of your choice.

    No candidate profiles are stored at profashionalsjobs. However, you have the possibility to submit your documents to SUITS. Executive Search. Via CV upload, you can upload your CV directly into the database to be considered for search projects. Whenever SUITS. has suitable positions for you, the consultants will approach you.

    Usually because the position is filled. Or because the two-month booking period has expired and has not been extended. In this case, we recommend taking another look at the career page of the employer just to be on the safe side.